Jen's Flowers - Bouquets, Boxes, Bunches, Baskets, Bears, Balloons
Chocolate Wrappers also available $70Welcome to the world Baby Boy  Ferrero Rocher's & flavoured coffee sachets  $30
Pretty pink, lots of choc's & wine   $60 wine included in priceFor him in hospital (not liking the food at all)Hot choc sachets, ferrero rocher's, oreo snacks, lge toblerone, coco pops, 2 cans of soft drink (sugar free, of course)  from $40Fresh flowers, wine & choc's  $80 wine included in price
Congratulations Wine, lot's of choc's & flowers  $80Ferrero rocher's  from $30Large - fresh flowers, flavoured latte sachets & choc's in a cermic pot $100
For Him-coffee sachet's & timtam's in a mug Starting from $20The Snack Box Starting from $40Fancy artificial arrangement with ferrero rocher's  Example only
Bright Butterfly & celebration ballsStart from $35Bugundy orchids & celebration ballsFor him - Tooheys Blue & Lindt balls
Get well soon  Coffee & choc's Starting from $30Ferrero's  $35Lilies & choc's Starting from $30
Celebrate with wine too!  $50Pink for a baby girl, Choc's for Mum & Dad  Prices start from $40Pretty pink   Starting at $30
Hot chocolate & chockies  Prices start from $35The Snack box for her   Prices start from $25 this one $35Although made for Valentine's Day this love bug bouquet would be suitable for any occasion  $50
60th Birthday Blue/Purple  $50  With fresh blue singapore orchidsPink passion  $45Blue & purple for a 60th birthday girl $40
Flowers, choc's & balloons from $50We love purple! Lindt balls and a real orchid from $35 see next photo with balloonsWe love purple and balloons $50
Lge choc box & port for him $602010 xmas idea- A money tree with choc hearts. This one has 100 x $1 coins for the eldest daughter. It doesn't look it but it is a purple & silver combo POAThis one for the son has 20 $1 coins & choc hearts. A blue & silver combo. POA
And little sister has chocolate gold coins, choc hearts & choc ladybugs. POAA small choc xmas tree from $20Donation for 'kids with cancer" fundraiser
Another donated bouquet for the fundraiserRed, black & gold ferrero's from $30Flowers. choc's & cruisers from $60
Happy Birthday Black/silver & ferrero's in ceramic from $45Purples with ferrero's from $35Electric Blue - choose your choc's. This one dove choc's $30
A Money tree $30 + 20 x $1 coins with choc hearts $50Chocolate truffle selection from $30Lindt ball bouquets from $30
Bright ferrero bouquets from $30 This one just an example of colours, it has extra gifts added (nail polish, earrings, hair clips)Aubergine & cream spots - choose your choc'sAubergine & pink spots - choose your choc's
Brown with cream spots - dark choc ferrero rochers $30 Add a fresh flower +$5 (orchids, roses, lilies, a pretty gerb)
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My original chocolate bouquets, something different for that special someone. You can have mostly flowers and chocolates placed in amongst them! Or the bouquet can be all chocolate with a couple of flowers included!
Ask me to add wine or spirits, add a balloon! Supply your own gift to be included in the arrangement eg. Books, CD's, perfume, cosmetic's, jewellery etc.
*Please note all chocolate bouquets are originals. No two will ever be the same. These are just some examples of the many I have made over the years.
Prices start from $25 for a basic chocolate bouquet. Prices increase according to chocolate variety, flowers, stuffed toys, balloons, wine & gifts.
Chocolate varieties available: Ferrero rocher's, Lindt balls, Cadbury snack size bars, Dove chocolates, Mars Celebration balls, Guilyans. For celebrations (wedding tables, anniversaries etc) Cadbury chocolate hearts available in milk, dark,white.
Wondering how much a made to order chocolate bouquet would be? Phone me or send an enquiry email from the contact page and I will get back to you asap.                                                
Hi Jenni
They look fabulous. I am very happy. Spoke to Goeff tonight- he cried all day as he was so overcome....the desired effect plus!
You are Fab
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