Jen's Flowers - Bouquets, Boxes, Bunches, Baskets, Bears, Balloons
The arrangements on this page are suitable for any occasion. If you are interested in something specific please use the links to the left. Don't forget you can have chocolates, balloons &/or wine, spirits etc added to any arrangement. Have a look at theflowers & choc'spage or you can go the other way and have a few fresh flowers added to a chocolate bouquet. For a gift that keeps on giving upgrade to re-usable ceramic, tin or plastic vases, cubes or buckets.
Feel free to choose your own flower varieties, colours etc, these photo's are just examples of past orders.
For all enquires, call Jenni  (02)49828282
Hold the cursor over the image for approximate price.  Prices will vary according to size, flower variety, content and sundries used.
No. 1  Roses, lilies, orchids $80No.2  Orchids, lilies $50No. 3  Orchids, lilies, roses, carnations etc in ceramic bowl $100
No. 4  Baskets start from $40 This one $65No. 5  Natives  $50No. 6  $60 Ceramic cube
No. 7  Iris, november lilies, gerb's $50No. 8  Bright mixture $120.00No. 9  Roses, orchids, lilies etc $80
No. 10  $35No. 11  Lots & lots of lilies $120.00No. 12 Gladi's, gerb's, lilies $50
No.13  Orchids, orientals, gerb's $60No.14  Bright table centre $45No. 15  Orchids, lilies  $50
No. 16  Natives  $55No. 17  Bright mixture $65No. 18  pink & purple $35
No. 19  Roses, lilies $35No. 20  Glad's, lilies, gerb's $50No. 21  $60
No. 22  Orchid's, lilies, roses $45No. 23  Gladi's, gerb's, roses $50No. 24  Brights $45
No. 25  Lilies, gerb's, orchids, roses $60No. 26  $35 without balloon (with $40)No. 27  Snaps, lilies, gerb's $50
No.28  $40No.29  $50No. 30  Cerise & salmon $50
No. 31  $55 with balloonNo.32  Orchids, roses, lilies $80No. 33  Bright mix $45
No. 34  Gladi's, lilies, gerbs $40No. 35  Lilies, alstro $45No. 36  Roses, gerb's $50 with balloon
No.37  Iris, lilies, gerbs $40No. 38  Lilies, gerb;s in ceramic pot $60No. 39  Large mixed box $60
No. 40  Thinking of you $40No. 41  mini box, choose your colours $25No. 42  Large pink & white $70
No. 43  Bright table centre $45No.44  Large tropical $90No. 45  Autumn colours - lilies, gerb's, orchids $50
No. 46  $60 Made in ChinaNo. 47  $35 birthday box table centre See next picture with balloons addedNo. 48  $50 See previous photo for table centre
No. 49  $70No. 50  Tropicals   $65No. 51  Orange Troppo  $60
No. 52  Natural style  $60No. 53 Modern with choc's  $50No.54 The brightest  $120.00
No. 55  Purplie-pink  $70No.56 For the love of red  $70No. 57 Pinkful (pink sparkley, pink heart choc's, pink butterflies) $50
No. 58 Pink & purple mini box $25No. 59 Stylish Cerise $70No. 60 Orchids, oriental lilies, gerb's $60
No.61 orange lilies, iris, gerb's $55No. 62 Large basket with lindt balls $120No.63 Black & white $60 Lots of oriental lilies & tulips, fancy ribbon, ceramic bowl etc
No.64 Red, yellow & white $50
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